Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is your refund policy? 
Unlike any other Organization (as there are none...only teams) the second a player registers....we go to work.  Our scouts actually attend HS games as well as college games in order to accurately compare and contrast the skill set of each player and have absolute knowledge of the landscape.  In addition, we begin collecting video, communicating with college coaches, preparing the individual database for the player and more.  Therefore we do not offer refunds.  From time to time, we do credit portions of the payments to future programs when things such as injuries occur.  


Similar to a wedding planner....we are baseball planners.  You can cancel the wedding, but the time we spend prior to ever playing one single game is enormous.  This is the WHY we are able to assist so many players when compared to the other "Teams" in the area.  


2) How does UBO decide what team I am on?

Our scouts attend games, watching players multiple times in some cases.  We then work off this model...4 OF, 3 MIF, 3 CIF, 2 C, and 8 pitchers per team.  We follow an APAC system which is Ability 1st, Position 2nd, Age 3rd and Commitment lastly (not their commitment to the sport, the players commitment to 7 of 8 weekends based on other things in their lives).  


Our ideology is absolute. The name on the front of the jersey is NOT what is important, it is the tools of the player underneath that jersey!  We can prove this time and time again.  


3) What if we can not make the weekly training?

Our training sessions are buffet style.  We have multiple sessions broken down by position so players get advanced training by college and professional instructors.  For example, we will not have a catcher teaching how to be a better Middle Infielder.  But we understand that sometimes players simply can not make it.  This is why they are always optional, never mandatory.  Come to as many as you want.  We provide approximately 60 hours of advanced instruction over the summer.  



4) What if we have a vacation scheduled on a weekend that his team plays?

All we ask is that you notify us in advance (not one or 2 days before).  All you have to do is email and it will notify all of our staff in writing.  Telling your coach is not enough, as he too is human and may forget.  This is why we have a process in place to ensure your absence does not affect the entire team.


Players know their team and schedule more than 30 days before the 1st game....we simply ask for advance notice.  If a player does not notify will affect their playing time.  If you do not like this with one of the hundreds of summer teams....not the United Baseball Organization.


5) Any other things I should be aware of?

 - We have pitching limits.  Even if the pitcher has a no hitter.  We will lose a game in the summer time to protect players from abuse. 

 - Our WIN is ensuring athletes understand what it takes to advance.  We do not focus on the social media of who won what tournament or global dominance of a brand.  YOU are the brand.  We are United because like your son, we too had the dream and played baseball at the next level.  We want to use our experience and network to prepare your son.  We expect 100% from him in all aspects of his life. 

 - Our commitment to players is that if they give 100% in all aspects of their life, we will give 100% to finding a place for them to play at the next level.  We have players in the draft, players in the Major League, players go to SEC teams and players go to Div III schools.  The one thing we are 100% sure of is that their parents loved them equally, not based on their baseball tools.  So do we! 

 - Yes we are aware that many people talk - - - - .  We hear it too.  My son can play here, he is good enough for this team or that team.  His coach or another person said he was good enough to play at "XYZ" University.  The next time this happens, parents....please tell whoever it is to call the coach in front of you and see how it goes.  The surface information (social media and rumors ) that we read and hear is terrible.  The only way to truly know if a player can play at a certain place is to be able to compare their abilties to players on this team, understand this colleges needs and wants, and ensure that this college actually likes this player.  There is a LOT that goes into recruiting and I promise it is not because he hit .748 in District.  


At anytime, schedule your personal meeting and we would be happy to go thru the process with you.  We will provide facts and a plan!  The rest is up to your son.