About Us


UBO is more than just a successful organization working in baseball.  It is a culmination of years of experience planning ways to better serve the players.  Below is a little information on who is behind UBO.


Although there are many good "teams" out there, UBO is the ONLY Organization that works year round in the advancement of baseball players.  UBO does not have tryouts, as we send our scouts to games to watch players in game situations.  


UBO is an IDEOLOGY, not a brand.  We have many team names and you will hear us say it a million times....YOU are the brand!  The shirt will never make you throw harder, run faster or hit further so we put players first and make sure the PLAYER is what people go after...not the brand.

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           AVOID THE SCAMS


Look deep into the Teams you choose for your athlete.  Many talk like we do, act like we do....but they are not us. We have more than 25 years in helping players advance in the game of baseball.  


Our key ingredient is...passion.  We don't sell hope, nor do we do we take credit for things we did not do!  We do, and others copy us!  We set the bar.  Get to know us, as if we choose you...we will definitely spend time making sure your goals are reached.  It is common that when we do our job well...even other Summer Teams will begin calling and offering you.  Remember, it is not our jerseys that makes you succeed.....it is U

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Started in 1998, the Global Scouting Bureau has assisted thousands of players.  Mainly known for its dealing with MLB and International Baseball, GSB has assisted professional players into more than 23 countries worldwide.  


GSB has global scouts that provide reports on players and network to assist players in obtaining opportunities.  


For more information on Global Scouting Bureau...visit www.gsbsports.com