UBO stands for United Baseball Organization.  What separates UBO from all the rest as we are ideology based, not agenda based.  We have several “brands” or “team names” that fall under our ideology.  Teams from 7U all the way to 14U fall under our United Youth Initiative.  The program focuses on a few main points:

  • Passion for the game of baseball
  • Learning to individually compete in a team environment
  • Learning through failure……
  • Establishing a routine to ensure a proper foundation for future growth in the game of baseball (and in life)

Starting in the Fall of 2024, all players, families as well as UBO coaches will have mandatory “ONBOARDING” prior to being allowed to play in the Organization.  This is done to openly discuss expectations and ensure that we are the right fit for our clients.  Subjects being addressed include:

  • no refunds…why?
  • Attitude of players as well as parents.
  • Missing practice and/or games.
  • Communication
  • much more…..

We have 3 basic payment options for our teams and families: (all payments are non refundable and non transferrable)

  1. Write a check for the full amount made out to United Baseball.  Then go into our 3rd party registration site and fill out all the player info and parent info.  Upon completion, rather than entering any financial information….where the system allows a discount code…..type in Check2024.  We will wait for 7 days to receive the check in full (mailed to 227 Southeast Blvd, Morgan City, LA 70380).  If not received, the account will be deleted.
  2. Go through our 3rd party registration (LeagueApps) and fill out all the information.  Pay the full amount.  (the system will charge 4.35% processing).  We do not set up payment plans.
  3. For those families seeking to pay over time, we have . This option allows families to finance the cost of the program over time. For those families that use this option….they will still need to go and register through the 3rd party (League Apps) and when completing use the discount code Affirm2024.  We will then verify through Affirm within 7 days.  If there is no payment through Affirm, we will delete account.

*As all players and families are using the 3rd party system (League Apps) for their initial deposits, you will simply have to choose the above options for the remaining fees.

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