United Affiliate Program

As United Baseball is not a BRAND…our goal is to continue to help other programs grow their brands while advancing players.

When you become part of the UBO Family….here are just a few of the advantages

  1. Keep your own brand and identity
  2. Reduce overhead by joining a MEGA ORGANIZATION (which also is focused on advancing players)
  3. Have players that can compete in National Events ….. but players earn this!!
  4. Have a group that cares about ALL players, not just the ones that we feel make US look good….not our Focus at all!!
  5. We spend countless hours preparing rosters, live game feeds as well as using state of the art analytical equipment to help advance athletes
  6. Our teams proudly play in Showcase Events as well as Perfect Game and PBR.
  7. UBO handles collections of funds, creates payment plans, ensures rosters are able to compete in tournaments by supplementing when regular players miss.

By being an affiliate, you join a network which has assisted in advancing literally THOUSANDS of players.  This network has started Minor League Teams, advanced professional players and coaches into more than 23 countries around the globe.

If you would like to become an affiliate…simply contact us and we would be happy to sit down with you in person and fully discuss.