United Ideology

Our United….way!
While many teams and Organizations are fighting for “World Dominance”, United Baseball Organization is focused on advancing athletes.  All of the players absolutely learn the value of COMPETING, but we as a Company are not trying to focus on the normal WIN.  For UBO….it is WHEN.  When we are able to advance players to the next level of their careers, we have ABSOLUTELY WON!
There are enough facts now to build and run an Organization based on facts.  More than 85% of the players remain within 250 miles when advancing to college…..so why would families need to run all over the country to play in events?
Every family speaks about exposure….but exposure is directly related to “exposure rate”.  Unless your son is the fastest. throws the hardest or hits the ball the farthest…..you likely need college coaches to see you more than one time.  Baseball is a game of consistency, so athletes…..learn yourself!