2024 Tentative Summer Rosters & Schedules

Rosters and Schedules to begin being posted April 15th. It does take some time and schedules will begin being posted approximately one week later. We will get everyone posted, but those registering after April 15th, please be patient as we are a large organization and want to do our best to serve each and every player & family.
Player NameTeam Schedule
Keane MicelleUBO CentralSchedule
Joseph RoseLegends 16Schedule
Cameron DurrUBO CentralSchedule
Hunter RichardLegends 18Schedule
Kanyon WrightUBO Scout 18Schedule
Matthew EdwardsLegends 18Schedule
Cullen LandryLegends 18Schedule
Kaden HenryUBO CentralSchedule
Madden BlalockSouth West 18Schedule
SJ SealeUBO CentralSchedule
Tyler AccardoBlue Jays 16Schedule
Brailen BlalockSouth West 18Schedule
Ethan DurandLegends 18Schedule
Noah JohnsonLegends 18Schedule
Eastyn MillerBlue Jays 16Schedule
Jackson SmithExtreme 16Schedule
Brady MartinUBO Scout 18Schedule
Kaden ChandlerLegends 18Schedule
Walkerton KiracofeExtreme 16Schedule
Ryan WaitsUBO CentralSchedule
Max HinesExtreme 16Schedule
Sam CadeExtreme 16Schedule
Max WardellExtreme 16Schedule
Zach JordanExtreme 16Schedule
Dakota ArmourUBO CentralSchedule
Brayden BeckFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Collin WatsonLegends 16Schedule
Orin ByrdLegends 16Schedule
Keegan HandschinUBO CentralSchedule
Trey HouckLegends 16Schedule
Jed HenryUBO CentralSchedule
Antwine LavespereLegends 16Schedule
Andrew MartinUBO CentralSchedule
Charlie BakiesLegends 18Schedule
Collin JensenUBO CentralSchedule
Brayden RachelUBO Scout 18Schedule
Landon EnglishUBO Scout 17Schedule
Connor WelchLegends 16Schedule
Sam VeillonUBO CentralSchedule
Caden WilliamsExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Dakota EdwardsLegends 18Schedule
Connor RosenbergExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Joshua JonesExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Taite DavisFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Zane WarringtonFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Colton WilkinsBlue Jays 19Schedule
Braxton PoindexterLegends 16Schedule
Braylon FontenotUBO CentralSchedule
Gavin HoffpauirSouth West 18Schedule
Ryan CrooksUBO CentralSchedule
Peyton DaigleUBO CentralSchedule
Noah HoytBlue Jays 19Schedule
Rees WilliamsSouth West 18Schedule
Dylan NavarreUBO Scout 18Schedule
Jude BertrandSouth West 18Schedule
Hunter DauzetSouth West 18Schedule
Evan HardinExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Cayden ViceUBO Scout 18Schedule
Tanner StockmanSouth West 18Schedule
Konner BooneExtreme 16Schedule
Carter WhippleUBO Scout 18Schedule
Caston AucoinStars 18Schedule
Braden MoutonUBO Scout 18Schedule
Joshua DupinUBO Scout 17Schedule
Brock BroussardSouth West 18Schedule
Jake QuinaGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
JL MalbrewExtreme 16Schedule
Carter FontenotSouth West 18Schedule
Tripp CawfordFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Peyton GonzalesLegends 18Schedule
Dewantre EdmondExtreme 16Schedule
Tanner GardnerStars 18Schedule
Landon GivensGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Benjamin AlumbaughGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Luke DomingueLegends 16Schedule
Luke DewhirstStars 18Schedule
Jacques ChristieStars 16Schedule
Owen BaileyStars 16Schedule
Nicholas SingletonBlue Jays 16Schedule
Jack MeyersStars 18Schedule
Blake RobertsFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Isaac RobertsUBO East 18Schedule
Parker BonvillainSouth West 18Schedule
Rhyson CarrowayUBO Scout 18Schedule
Landon GremillionExtreme 16Schedule
Adam ChampagneFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Myles Callegan Stars 18Schedule
Keilyn LenormandSouth West 18Schedule
Houston MileyStars 16Schedule
Brody LambeckUBO CentralSchedule
Thomas CollinsLegends 18Schedule
Jack VasterlingSports U 18Schedule
Evan DauzetStars 16Schedule
Landon SpurgeonLegends 18Schedule
Walt EtheridgeFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Bobby LupolaUBO East 16Schedule
Nathan Deaton UBO East 16Schedule
Maddux MayoUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Preston BarnettFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Landyn BroussardBlue Jays 19Schedule
Gavin TroxlerUBO Scout 17Schedule
Jordan HawkinsUBO East 16Schedule
Ryan GuillotteUBO CentralSchedule
Jacob BourgeoisUBO Scout 17Schedule
Dylan CedotalUBO Scout 18Schedule
Cade MeninaExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Benton GreenStars 18Schedule
Mason OlivierUBO Scout 17Schedule
Caden ExtineUBO Scout 17Schedule
Austin HolsteinExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Hunter VinceLegends 16Schedule
Drake DetillierExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Jace TerrebonneSouth West 16 Schedule
Ryan SaffoGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Vincent DuffyGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Daniel PopeUBO East 16Schedule
Cameron PatrickFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Jackson RobertsUBO East 18Schedule
Dylan PettisFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Landon RushingGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Hunter SkatesGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Timothy BusbyFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Aden WillcoxGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Rhyn SheltonGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Pierce BrooksUBO East 18Schedule
Eli StoneFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Skooda GainesFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Judson MarcantelFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Jacob LawrenceGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Landon AttawayUBO East 16Schedule
Austin McDowellFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Hunter BarberFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Caden CooperFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Colton CainFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Logan CoffeyUBO East 16Schedule
Tomas RavendoFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Dylan LovellGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Ewan EcheverryFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Philip CryarGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Nathan CurrierFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Thadeus ScottUBO East 18Schedule
Jayden ThomasGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Hays EllisGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Owen BeardGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Cole CrockerFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Chase BusbinFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Colton LindseyFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Dylan LindseyFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Corbin LangFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Chase LeubbertFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Remington KennedyUBO East 18Schedule
Layton HartleyUBO East 18Schedule
Will BurdettUBO East 18Schedule
Keelan BeasleyUBO East 16Schedule
Jack TrochessettFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Landon LangleyUBO East 18Schedule
Ashton SiegFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Braxton HartleyGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Lane KasperFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Brady CarlsonFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Shelton DarnellFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Shea DarnellGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Conner CampbellFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Dane MallonFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Luke VaksFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Parker McNealFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Owen McNealFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Dominic RivasGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Alexander BrownGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Bryson HowardFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
John Michael MordecaiFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Timothy LambertFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Gabriel MitchellFlorida Bama 18Schedule
Brad ChaissonExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Luke RogerLegends 18Schedule
Gavin SchoenExtreme 16Schedule
Luke MartinezUBO Scout 17Schedule
Marc CanzoneriStars 18Schedule
Christian CooneySports U 18Schedule
Cooper DavisSports U 18Schedule
Gage DufourStars 18Schedule
Declan AlbroBlue Jays 16Schedule
Isaiah SpannExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Cade Pearson Extreme 16Schedule
Michael FordStars 18Schedule
Jace GonzalesSports U 16Schedule
Jonathan EnglanderSports U 16Schedule
Conrad HebertSports U 16Schedule
Cayne MckinleyUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Liam MageeUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Connor AplinUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Caden AplinUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Braxton SonesUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Grayson AuldsUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Dominick JabbiaUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Chase SonesUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Dalton McQueenUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Braxten CarterUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Blaine AsheUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Carson HarrisUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Preston TaylorUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Kendall BlevinsUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Tyler CarneyGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Caleb ChatmanFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Paxton GenolaFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Dallin SimpsonUBO East 18Schedule
Colton AshmoreFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Tyler Johnson GC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Hayden JonesFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Madison CurryFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Gage DavisGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Austin DavisGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Jalen PurterGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Caleb JohsonUBO East 16Schedule
Joseph Uddo IIStars 16Schedule
Julian AlvaradoStars 16Schedule
Harry IrwinStars 16Schedule
Harper OncaleStars 16Schedule
Zach JohnsonBlue Jays 16Schedule
Brayden FayardBlue Jays 16Schedule
Nathan JenkinsUBO Scout 17Schedule
Xander HenryStars 16Schedule
Micha RemetichBlue Jays 16Schedule
Andrew RemetichBlue Jays 19Schedule
David Ty PooleUBO Scout 18Schedule
Merrick PerryUBO Scout 17Schedule
Landon GuidrySports U 18Schedule
Eli StrahanSports U 18Schedule
Bryce KellumSports U 16Schedule
Topher CogginSports U 18Schedule
Shamus LaCosteSports U 18Schedule
Emilio UribeSports U 16Schedule
Taytem MillerSports U 16Schedule
Samuel ReynoldsSports U 18Schedule
Caleb RussellSports U 16Schedule
AJ HeiserStars 18Schedule
Carter BuchholzSports U 16Schedule
Hunter YoungStars 18Schedule
Jayden BarkerSports U 18Schedule
Sutton GreenStars 18Schedule
Charles Burdett VUBO Scout 17Schedule
Cory RushingUBO Scout 17Schedule
Brayden ONeillSports U 16Schedule
Troy GreenUBO Scout 17Schedule
Marcus NewfieldExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Parker DiesSouth West 16Schedule
Jackson RomeroSouth West 16Schedule
Brock BroussardSouth West 16Schedule
Dylan MenardSouth West 16Schedule
Ace DupuisSouth West 16Schedule
Isaiah MedinaSouth West 16Schedule
Brody LegnonSouth West 16Schedule
Parker PomierSouth West 16Schedule
Connor PoirrierSouth West 16Schedule
Ethan CastilleSouth West 16Schedule
Cohen RomeroSouth West 16Schedule
Mason KuhnsSouth West 16Schedule
Hayes McFarlainSouth West 16Schedule
Blaine AltazanSouth West 16Schedule
Matt AldridgeGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Easton GraceFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Cohen MoseleyGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Colton EasonFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Chase MillenderGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Sean SmuddeGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Carson SaucierGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Neal CroomUBO East 18Schedule
Christian GolinoUBO East 16Schedule
Colin KellyUBO East 16Schedule
William KellyUBO East 16Schedule
Fred CarnleyFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Daniel FoyUBO East 18Schedule
Parker McDanielUBO East 18Schedule
Cary AymondBlue Jays 19Schedule
Karsyn CrochetBlue Jays 16Schedule
Nicholas KurowskiBlue Jays 16Schedule
Robert FranklinBlue Jays 16Schedule
Dominick MoutonBlue Jays 16Schedule
Kaiden RauchBanditsSchedule
Brayden NettervilleBanditsSchedule
Ryan RodrigueBanditsSchedule
Cooper McNamaraBanditsSchedule
William PelleBanditsSchedule
Peyton DepolitteBanditsSchedule
David DaigleBlue Jays 19Schedule
Levi CarnleyFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
JP GoingSports U 16Schedule
Brody CoutureSports U 18Schedule
Judson JonesGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Torrin RogersStars 16Schedule
Brenn RayBlue Jays 19Schedule
Branson RayBlue Jays 19Schedule
Tanner RaybornUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Elijah GemarUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Zoyle GemarUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Rylan ThomasUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Raylee ThomasUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Carson LeddonGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Jett DurdenGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Jordan JonesFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Ethan CarbajalUBO East 16Schedule
River RamerFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Ethan SealsGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Cody NoelGC Pelicans 16Schedule
Ian ThorgusonLegends 18Schedule
Cole MorrisLegends 18Schedule
Kyle StansburyLegends 18Schedule
Bryson GablerLegends 16Schedule
Elijah LodrigueUBO Scout 17Schedule
Jace VasquezExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Beckett BoydUBO Scout 18Schedule
Carson AucoinStars 18Schedule
Tahj BoneyBlue Jays 19Schedule
Sheppard EdgarGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Caden AskeyStars 18Schedule
Yuhensell Zamora GarciaUBO Scout 18Schedule
Jeidry Mercado FernandezUBO Scout 18Schedule
J Hunter TruxillaBlue Jays 19Schedule
Andrew MenardSouth West 18Schedule
Aiden GaspardLegends 16Schedule
Brandt FreyBanditsSchedule
Ethan WadeStars 16Schedule
Landon BernadouStars 18Schedule
Drake HebertSouth West 18Schedule
Dominic MendietaBanditsSchedule
Caleb BascleStars 18Schedule
Thomas PaytonGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Rylan FontenotSouth West 18Schedule
Trey DieudonneSports U 18Schedule
Kole HurstLegends 16Schedule
Logan DewhirstLegends 16Schedule
Jakson NewtonFlorida Bama Scout 19Schedule
Gavin DohmannExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Landon GrangerExtreme 16Schedule
Chevy BourgeoisUBO Scout 17Schedule
John MunnerlynUBO Scout 18Schedule
Jaycob RogersStars 16Schedule
Brady HusserStars 16Schedule
Ayden StreckerSports U 18Schedule
Emilio PriceSports U 16Schedule
Gage GrantBlue Jays 16Schedule
Logan MallardExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Cohen HardyLegends 18Schedule
Baylor GoingsStars 16Schedule
Cruz HunterUBO Mississippi 16USchedule
Weston GravesUBO East 16Schedule
Cooper CouretStars 16Schedule
Zachary FanyUBO Scout 18Schedule
Brylon JenningsStars 18Schedule
Bryson FleckGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Austin BuellSports U 18Schedule
Nate MezarapusSports U 16Schedule
Sergio SotilloSports U 16Schedule
Ethan McCallisterBlue Jays 19Schedule
Jackson PeriBlue Jays 19Schedule
Jack KlineBlue Jays 19Schedule
Chace DelcambreExtreme 16Schedule
Conner CarlsonSouth West 18Schedule
Cole SchmidtStars 16Schedule
Kohen LejeuneExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Hudson LejeuneExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Joseph RoviraLegends 16Schedule
Adam GeigerGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Zane AlfordUBO East 18Schedule
Anthony McArthurUBO East 16Schedule
Britain WheelerUBO East 16Schedule
Brock McMyneBanditsSchedule
Christopher ClarkBlue Jays 19Schedule
Ben BaronUBO Scout 17Schedule
Dylan BrissetBanditsSchedule
Brock BreauxBlue Jays 16Schedule
Brian GonzalesBanditsSchedule
Beau DakinSports U 16Schedule
Aidan MorrillExtreme 16Schedule
Luke MaherGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Mikey WisnerUBO Scout 18Schedule
Reese LaprairieDevilsSchedule
Jackson JeansonneDevilsSchedule
Slade SparksDevilsSchedule
Maddox SuireBlue Jays 19Schedule
Phillip BeardonGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Trey HughesFlorida Bama 16Schedule
JP RiversGC Pelicans 18Schedule
Rupert SprolesFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Colton ScivicqueDevilsSchedule
James Mellieon IIIDevilsSchedule
Jason CutrightSports U 18Schedule
Jeremy Singleton JrSports U 16Schedule
Braden GraffeoDevilsSchedule
Bryce KibbeeDevilsSchedule
Brennan MilesDevilsSchedule
Blake HooperBanditsSchedule
Brennan DeistBanditsSchedule
Kelan HonoreDevilsSchedule
Dane GraySports U 16Schedule
Mason BaylessUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Turner PughUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Justin StockstillUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Juan WashingtonExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Ian HerringUBO Mississippi 18Schedule
Jay GonzalesGC Pelicans ScoutSchedule
Micah PorcheBlue Jays 16Schedule
Brayden CalamariUBO Scout 17Schedule
Grant CalhounFlorida Bama 16Schedule
Chase DauthierDevilsSchedule
Patrick RiversExtreme Scout 19Schedule
Javion PinkneyDevilsSchedule
Aiden BramblettFlorida Bama Scout 16Schedule
Aaron LewisBlue Jays 19Schedule
Jayden TricocheUBO Mississippi 16Schedule
Jaden WIlliamsBanditsSchedule