Corey Campbell


Corey Campbell is the coach of the UBO FloridaBama 16 team. Corey is a land surveyor by day but an avid baseball enthusiast all the time! He and his wife Leann and their 8 children are a mighty bunch that we couldn’t be happier to have as part of the United Baseball Organization family. Corey not only coaches the UBO FloridaBama 16 team but is the Assistant Coach to the 2023 ASCS State Champion and 2024 ACSC State Runner-Up Varsity squad as well as the 2024 JV State Runner-Up Head Coach at Ezekiel Academy. When he is not on the field, Coach Campbell enjoys golf and hunting but says this passion for helping athletes live out their dream of playing baseball keeps him on the field, attributing an emphasis on the development of pitching mechanics, ratios, and ERA to positive growth. Keep up the amazing work Coach and have a fantastic season!