Showcase Baseball Playing Rules

Roster Rules for Showcase HS/Select Events

  1. Rosters are due on the Monday prior to each tournament.
  2. 22 player roster (max)
  3. If rosters are not received on Monday, teams are removed from event.
  4. Jr Division defined as a High School Sophomore or younger or 16 years old or younger as of May 01,  (This means if he is a HS Jr. but is 16 years old as of May 1st, he can play in the Jr. Division)
  5. Sr Division defined as a High School Junior or older, up to a College Freshman (Covid Freshman allowed)  (Legion Teams Accepted)
  6. Younger players CAN play up….so they CAN be on 2 rosters (within same Organization)

Game Rules

  1. Only the players on the published roster can play each weekend.
  2. No free substitutions….(But we allow each player to re-enter the game 1 time)
  3. DH and EH allowed (EH will be considered a additional position, therefore he can be substituted into the game)
  4. Other than where noted otherwise, games will be played by NFHS Rules.
  5. Courtesy Runners for Pitchers and Catchers allowed for speed up rules. (runners must not currently be in the lineup, but they can enter the game at a later point.  If a team has no subs, the last recorded out (non pitcher or catcher) can be a courtesy runner.
  6. Sr Division – BBCore Bats -3  (wood allowed)
  7. Jr Division – BBCore Bats -3 (wood allowed)
  8. Jr & Sr Division games will be 1:50 unless stated otherwise
  9. Mercy Rules…..12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5
  10. International Tie Breaker after 7 innings (1 inning only in Pool Play if time is still remaining) only in semi final or games needing a winner to determine Bracket Play
  11. Championship Games – Coaches and Director can decide on full 7 or time limit with Int’l Tie Breaker to determine Champion.
  12. Umpires will turn in final scores to Showcase Series after games.
  13. Coaches should meet with umpires before games on specifics such as balk to ensure both teams understand the rules.  All of this should take place before games!

Game Pitching Rules

  1. A Pitcher may not exceed 7 total innings in any one Showcase event.
  2. If a Pitcher throws more than 2 innings on any given day, the pitcher has a mandatory 1 day rest requirement.

Entry Rules

  1. Deposits are $250 (Fall Deposits are $200)
  2. Deposit guarantees your entry into the Jr & Sr Division (must be specified) (Fall no Divisions)
  3. Remaining fees are due on the Monday prior to the event along with your roster.
  4. Deposits and Entry Fees are non refundable and non transferable.
  5. If a team does not pay the entire fee on the Monday prior to the event, team will be dropped from the event.
  6. Tournaments are filled on an invitation basis only!  Teams must request invite to participate.
  7. In the event of rain, games may be shortened.  After 2 games played, no refunds.  At all times, the Showcase will cancel Championship games in an effort to ensure as many games for all teams as possible.  We may declare a Champion based on win-loss, runs allowed, etc.
  8. If a team cancels attending an event already registered for there will be no refund of deposit unless the team finds a replacement.
  9. $200 per game refund if less than 2 games and will be mailed within 2 weeks of the rained out event (Fall Refunds @ $100/game if 2 not played)

Additional Showcase Rules

  1. All Sr Division Teams must be able to play on Thursday night if scheduled (rarely)
  2. 3 games of Pool Play determines Championship Games on Sunday
  3. There will be a  Championship Game each week for the Jr, and Sr Divisions (with less teams, Championship game with no Semi Final)
  4. In the event of ties in Pool Play (also used in seeding use RA and RS if still tied, team with most games in SESS events as last determining factor), SESS will use Head to Head, Runs Allowed , Runs scored and lastly coin toss to determine Semi-Final pairings
  5. In the event of a forfeit, runs will be counted as number of innings to 0 for the forfeited team.  If a game is not played it shall be counted as 7-0.
  6. Players or Coaches ejected from a game are automatically SUSPENDED from the remainder of the event. (Site Director has final say on this)

Friendlies & Fall Events

Friendly Matches are those events set up by the Showcase Series that have reduced prices, allow subs and serve as games for teams to play to continue showcasing their ability while allowing coaches to move them in and out of games as needed. Recruiters will be on site recording foot speed, velocities, etc.

Most Fall events are OPEN events meaning no Jr or Sr Division and we try to simply create good matchups.  Entry Fee is $650 for 3 games.  Games are only played on Saturdays and Sundays.

As with all events, Teams are required to have insurance for their players.  As we do not sell insurance, there are groups such as Nations Baseball ( that provides low cost accidental medical policies for teams.