College Preparatory Programs

Changing Lives…..advancing players….United 2022-2023

In 2023, we are again going to raise the expectations of “Summer Showcase Baseball”.  Yes, we will still play baseball in the Summer & Fall …but we are going to do more!

From the really advanced 8th Grader all the way to the College Freshman, United Baseball Organization has a program for you.

It all starts with a personal meeting to cover expectations and create a plan for you or your son.

Each Team will have its own alert system.  All players and family members should DEFINITELY sign up for the free alert system as it is the primary source of communication by UBO.

Developement is often left out of the summer model.  How does an athlete get better without it?

UBO provides weekly training that focuses on the individual skillset of each athlete.  Positional training by coaches with experience and a passion to see players advancing.

More bang for your buck with financing options, fundraising options and scholarships as no player will be left out based on finance.